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Global digital market is growing rapidly, adding millions of digital usability platforms in the form of websites, apps, videos & thousands of web content-based applications. Mdm is specially designed for placements & startup oriented career solutions with 28 super advanced industry modules.

  • 100% Placement oriented training program.
  • 48 Live tools + 100% practical oriented
  • Compulsory digital startup modules.
  • Life-time free consultancy & membership
  • Expert startup mentorship sessions
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Master in Digital Marketing

    • Understanding Traditional Market Place.
    • Understanding STP (Segmenting - Targeting - Positioning) Concept.
    • Understanding Nich Marketing Startegy.
    • Potnetials In Internet Marketing.
    • Traditional Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing.
    • Internet Market Global Potential & Future Scope.
    • Understanding Digital Market Place
    • Understanding Visibility Planning
    • Understanding Target Audience.
    • Understanding STP In Digital Marketing
    • Understanding Importance Of Visitor Engagement & Planning.
    • Traffic Targeting Techniques
    • Inbound & Outbound Marketing Techniques.
    • Techniques To Convert Traffic Into Leads
    • Retention Secrets In Digital Marketing.
    • Scope Of Digital Marketing in industry.
    • Digital Marketing Success Tips.
    • High ROI concept in Digital Marketing.
    • Latest SEO Auditing & Analysis Tools.
    • Advanced Quality Test Tools.
    • Content Processing Tools.
    • Graphic Content Designing Tools.
    • Video Content Designing Tools.
    • Competitor's Analysis Tools.
    • Performance Monitoring & Tracking Tools.
    • Website Visitor's Engagement Tools
    • SEO Maintenance Tools.
    • Ad Monitoring Tools.
    • Digital Branding Training.
    • Online Lead Generation Tips.
    • Digital Content Marketing.
    • Social Selling Concept.
    • Go Viral Strategies.
    • Digital Proposal Drafting.
    • Top Ranking Secrets.

Google Algorithms & Concepts

    • How Search Engine Works
    • Understanding SERP, Interface and Search Engine Functionalities.
    • Understanding Google Crawler and its Behaviour.
    • What Is Crawler, Spider & Robots.
    • Important Search Engine Settings.
    • Understanding Search Engine Alogorithms.
    • Important Search Engine Ranking Factors.
    • Popular Search Engine's Promotional Techniques.
    • SERP Results Distribution Policies
    • Understanding Google Popular Products & Channels.
    • Google Updates & Its Impact.
    • Important Google Policies.
    • What Google Loves To Index.
    • Google Crawling | Indexing | Interface (Live Tracking & Implementation)
    • Google Ranking Factors.

SEO Beginner Sessions

    • Introduction Of SEO
    • Understanding Optimization of Web Resources.
    • Types Of SEO
    • Techniqes Of SEO
    • Understanding Pre SEO Auditing Concept.
    • Important SEO Audit Tools (Live Practice)
    • SEO Audit Report Preperation
    • Understanding Post SEO Auditing Concept.
    • Important Optimization Methods.
    • Expert SEO Guideliness.
    • Understanding Impact Of Each Optimization Activity.
    • Live Modification & Optimization Implementation On Project.
    • Pre Optimization & Post Optimization SEO Score
    • What Is Keyword
    • Types Of Keywords.
    • Understanding Keywords Research.
    • Keyword Planning & Distribution.
    • Understanding Keyword Density.
    • Role Of Keywords In Web Content.
    • Smart Keyword Stuffing Techniques. (Live Practical Implementation)
    • Introduction To On Page SEO.
    • Understanding Website Meta Tag Optimization.
    • Live Implementation Of 24+ Expert Secret Rules.
    • Website Structure Optimization.
    • Smart Way Of Using & Writing Title - Keyword - Description Tag Content.
    • Visitor's Engagement Through Effective Content Planning.
    • Keyword Distribution On The Web Page.
    • Internal - External Linking Concept.
    • Page Naming | Permalink | URL Structure
    • Website & SEO Content Planning & Writing.
    • Alt - H1 To H6 Tags
    • Content Optimization Techniques
    • W3C Validation.
    • Keyword Stuffing V/s Keywords Placement
    • Understanding Importance & Usage of Sitemap.
    • Sitemap Creation Technique.
    • Sitemap Updation on Site & Setup In Webmaster.
    • Role Of Sitemap in SEO
    • Important Rules About SiteMap Updation.
    • What Is Robots File.
    • Understanding importance Of Robots.txt.
    • How To Allow & Block Specific URLS - Crawlers - Websites.
    • Importance Of Robots.txt File.
    • Robots.Txt Generation & SetUp.
    • Understanding Google Webmaster | Search Console Setup
    • How To Submit - Verify Website In Google Webmaster.
    • How To Connect Different Properties To Webmaster.
    • SSL Certification & Implementation
    • Understanding Off Page SEO.
    • Social Media Page Creation - Social Connectivities
    • Different Type Of Link Building
    • Link Building Guidelines.
    • Understanding Submission & Promotion Guidelines.
    • Understanding Backlinks & Its Importance.
    • Blog Creation - Setup - Affiliate Linking.
    • Social Book Marketing Smart Techniques
    • Article Writing & Submission.
    • Press Release Submission.
    • Directory Submission.
    • Forum Submission.
    • Image Sharing
    • Document Submission.
    • Ad Posting.
    • Smart Content Marketing Techniques.
    • Web 2.0 Submission.
    • Guest Posting
    • Competitor's Back Link Watch & Smart Analysis.
    • Quality Backlink Generation Techniques.
    • Backlink Generation Platforms On WorldWide
    • Unique Way Of Submission & Promotion Activites.
    • Understanding Quality Parameters Before Creating Backlinks.
    • Understanding Page Authority | Domain Authority | Page Rank
    • What Is Web Popularity.

Advanced SEO Sessions

    • SEO Daily - Weekly Activity Planning.
    • Important SEO Maintenance Activities.
    • SEO Action Plan Chart Preperation.
    • Local & National SEO Activity Planning.
    • Competition Based Planning.
    • Guerrilla Marketing Concept.
    • Understanding SWOT Analysis.
    • Secret Competitor's Analysis.
    • Peeping Into Competitor's Web Resources (Secret Tips & Tools).
    • Mobile SEO Introduction & Its Importance.
    • Understanding Mobile Sites.
    • URL Structure.
    • How To Optimize Mobile SEO.
    • Secret Guidlines For Optimization - UX Signals
    • Mobile AMP.
    • & Strucured Data.
    • Creating Mobile Landing Page Creation & Optimization.
    • Mobile Page Speed Optimization.
    • Mobile SEO Tools & Secret Tips.
    • ASO Introduction.
    • ASO Keywords Research.
    • Ranking Techniques.
    • Unique Title Writing Techniques For Android App | IPhone App.
    • Competitor's Analysis.
    • Expert Keyword Reserach Gudelines.
    • Product Page Structure Planning.
    • E-Commerce Product Display Content Planning.
    • Influncive E-Commerce SEO Techniques.
    • E-Commerce SEO Audit Technique.
    • Understanding Local SEO Cocept & Techniques.
    • Local SEO Keyword Planning.
    • Keywords Distribution Smart Tips.
    • Local SEO Off Page Techniques.
    • Local SEO Ranking Secrets.
    • Understanding National SEO Techniques.
    • National SEO Keyword Planning.
    • National SEO Guidelines.
    • National SEO Content Writing Tips.
    • National SEO Strategies.
    • Crawling Period Based SEO Maintenaince.
    • How To Improve & Maintain Top Rank.
    • Maintenaince Expert Guidelines.
    • Modern SEO Reporting Format
    • Global SEO Report Preperation Techniques.
    • Popular Global Freelancing Platform.
    • SEO Proposal Creation.
    • Pre Quotation Analysis.
    • Freelancing SEO Project Types.
    • Smart Freelancing Bidding Techniques.
    • How To Grab High Budget Freelance Projects.
    • Freelance Profile Setup.
    • How To Get Profile Approvals.
    • How To Get Better Client's Reviews.
    • Live Implementation.
    • How To Start Content Writing.
    • Modern Practice Set For SEO COntent Writing.
    • SEO Content Writing Guidelines.
    • How To Write Rich Content.
    • What Is Google Spam Indexing.
    • Google Indexing & Crawling Policies.
    • How To Secure Website From SPAM Indexing.
    • Secret Tips For Spam Recovery .

Google Adwords| PPC Advertising

    • Understanding Google Inorganic (Paid Results) .
    • Understanding MCC (My Client Center).
    • Introduction Of Google Adwords & PPC Advertising.
    • Setting Google Adwords Account.
    • Understanding Structure Of Google Adwords (Campaign -Ad Groups - Keywords).
    • Understanding Adwords Algorithm For Different Advertising Network.
    • Introduction Of Search & Display Network For Advertising (Live Campaign Building) .
    • Understanding Available Advertising Campaigns (Video - Mobile - E-Commerce Etc) .
    • How Google Decides Ad Rank (Detailed Study Of Important Ad Rank Factors ).
    • What Is Quality Score & Its Importance In Ad Rank.
    • Understanding Live Campaign Terms Like Bid, Budget, Scheduling, Delivery Methods, Targeting Etc.
    • Understanding Marketing Objectives .
    • How A Wrong Marketing Objective Can Be An Example Of Worst Campaigning (Examples).
    • Techniques Of Picking Right Ad Campaign For Decided Marketing Objectives.
    • Role Of Landing Pages In Campaigning.
    • Performance Tracking Of Landing Pages.
    • Learning A/B Testing For Getting High ROI.
    • Understanding Search Network In Depth.
    • Different Types Of Search Engine Campaigns.
    • Dynamic Search Ads, Product Listing Ads.
    • Understanding Google Merchant Center (Understanding Algorithm Practically).
    • Learning Different Type Of Targeting Methods.
    • Understanding Different Bidding Strategies In Adwords, (Manual / Auto) & Advanced Campaign Level Bidding Strategies.
    • Understanding Different Types Of Keywords.
    • Learning Different Ad Extensions (Practical Implementation).
    • Using Keyword Planner In Depth.
    • How To Create AdCopy and Its Use.
    • What Is Display URL & Destination URL (Conceptual Differences).
    • Creating & Picking Suitable Adgroups To Ad Campaigns.
    • Understanding CTR (Techniques To Increase CTR).
    • Importance Of Negative Keywords In Campaigning .
    • Techniques To Increase Quality Score.
    • Understanding CPC (Techniques To Decrease CPC).
    • Competitor's Research & Performance Evaluation.
    • Performance & Conversion Tracking.
    • Understanding Display Campaign Types.
    • Live Display Campaign Creation.
    • Learning Campaign Setting & Advance Level .
    • Campaign Level Advance Setting.
    • Understanding Ad Placements & Its Strategies.
    • Using Display Planner Tool.
    • Learning Text Ads and Banner Ads .
    • Learning Remarking Techniques.
    • Setting Remarking Campaigns .
    • Understanding Custom Audience For A Campaign.

Review Management | ORM

    • Dealing With Digital Devils.
    • Understanding Negative Marketing Practice.
    • Safe Mode Digital Marketing Startegies.
    • Safety Concern For Negative Makreting Attempt.
    • How To Avoid Negative Marketing Hits.
    • Understanding Customer Reviews.
    • What is Review Authenticity ?
    • Positive Reviews Vs Negative Reviews.
    • How To Avoid Negative & Fake Reviews.
    • How To Respond For A Review.
    • How To Get Maximum Genuine Reviews.
    • Review Marketing Concept.
    • What Is Review Exchange.
    • How Reviews Increase Brand Trust.
    • ECommerce Product Reviews.

E-Commerce|Affiliate Marketing

    • Understanding Affiliate Marketing.
    • Learning Successful Earning Method's In Affiliate Marketing.
    • Important Key Skills To Become Successful Affiliate Marketer.
    • Understanding Functioning Of Leading Affiliate Marketing Agencies.
    • Learning Important Tools & Working Methods Before You Start Affiliate Marketing.
    • Case Study On Successful Affiliate Marketing Campaigns.
    • Day & Night Money Making Techniques As A Part Time Affiliate Marketer.
    • Understanding ECommerce Website Functionalities.
    • Online Buyers Behavioural Study.
    • Setting ECommerce Marketing (Product Listing & Shopping Ads) Campaign.
    • Understanding Merchant Account, Add To Cart Value.
    • ECommerce SEO Techniques.
    • ECommerce Market Potential In India.
    • SettingUp WordPress E
    • Commerce Store.


    • Setting Facebook Advert Campaign.
    • Understanding Facebook Marketing Objectives.
    • Ad Creation Steps For Different Marketing Objectives (Live Campaign Creation).
    • Conversion Tracking & Performance Evaluation.
    • Learning Different Important Campaign Related Settings.
    • Targeting Strategy (Most Specific Targeting To Get High ROI).
    • Creating Live Campaigns For Facebook.
    • Understanding LinkedIn Network (Company Profile Vs Personal Profile).
    • How LinkedIn Network Is Different From Other Social Media Platforms.
    • Understanding LinkedIn Groups (Secret Tips On Group Posting & Submissions) .
    • LinkedIn Post Publishing .
    • Advertising On LinkedIn Network.
    • Text and Display Advertisement .
    • Content Publishing Techniques.
    • Understanding Twitter Platform For Advertising & Promotion.
    • Campaign Advertising On Twitter.
    • Important Twitter Marketing Tools (Live Implementation).
    • Understanding Twitter Cards.


    • Understanding Scope In Video Platform.
    • Video Vs Other Ad Formats.
    • Setting Up Youtube Channel.
    • Learning Channel Customisation.
    • Understanding Creator Studio.
    • Understanding Youtube Algorithm.
    • Earning From Youtube.
    • Video Ranking Techniques.
    • Video Content Planning Training.
    • Youtube Channel Optimisation Techniques.
    • How To Plan Viral Topics For Youtube Channel.
    • Important Youtube Policies To Understand Before You Start.
    • Understanding Mobile Platform & Its Advertising Methods.
    • Important Concepts & Fundamentals For Mobile Marketing.
    • Understanding Mobile Website Designing & Customisation.
    • Understanding Traffic Behaviour On Mobile Web & App.
    • Understanding SMS Marketing.
    • Learning WhatsApp Marketing.
    • WhatsApp Marketing Tools.
    • WhatsApp Marketing Concept.
    • WhatsApp Marketing Tools.
    • No Spam & Mobile Marketing Policy.
    • WhatsApp .
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  • Lectures 8
  • Duration 1
  • Language English & Hindi
  • Batch Size 7-10
  • Certification Global Training Certification
  • Live Tools 20+ Live Tools
  • Training Mode ClassRoom + Online
Course Description

Master in digital marketing program includes super advanced 28+ modules with 100% practical exposure & guaranteed live project based implementation. You will learn live campaign creation, corporate case study, live tools, online earning tips & placement training. Mdm training is best suited for students, professionals, startup owners & business owners.

Learning Outcomes
  • 28+ Advanced modules & 90 hours specialized lectures.
  • 100% Job oriented track.
  • Digital startup success.
  • Free online tutorials.
  • Live corporate case studies.
  • Live tools & implementation.
  • Course content designed by experts.
  • Real-time ad performance analysis.
  • Digital marketing agency kit
  • Free placement training
  • Placement profiling method.
  • Global certification by digified

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No You Don't Need To Know Any Programming Language or Coding Knowledge Before You Join Digital Marketing Training Program.
No Issue If Your English Communication Is Not Good But Make Sure That Your Are Little Comfortable In Reading & Writing English.
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Yes We Do Offer WeekEnd Sessions for Students, Working Professionals & Startup Owners.
  • DigiFied Training Completion Certificate.
  • Live Project Certification.
  • Google Certifications.
  • Placement Recommendation Letter.
Yes ! If You Have A Laptop Will Be Better For Daily Practical Activities & Assignments. No Worries If You Can't Manage We Will Arrange For The Same.
We Provide Compulsory Pre Placement Training To All Students.
  • Resume Building
  • Introduction Script Preperation.
  • Live Interview Sessions & Practice Set.
  • Online Job Search Tools
We Provide Dedicated Sessions For Getting Freelancing Projects.
Yes We Provide Complete Startup Solution & Mentorship.
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We Provide 100% Live Project Exposure Based On Modules.
We Prefer Small Batch Size So That Every Individual Can Get Attention. Regular Batch Size Is 7-10 Students.
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